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Where the Peaks meet the Skies

Live at Greendale

Sea to Summit





CD (double)


Otago My Home



Beyond a Climber's Moon



Let's Sing a Kiwi Song


CD, Cassette

Below the High Country



Off to the Dry Cardrona


CD, Cassette

Save the Wilderness


CD, Cassette

The Daisy Patch



Back From the Hills


no longer available

Gin & Raspberry


CD, Vinyl






The Plight of the Kea

The Way the World should be

The Whole of Cardrona was Mine

The Sound of the Warning

Freedom of the Hills

The Hills of New Zealand

The Close Shave / The Gin & Raspberry Jig

Birriliburu People



Valley of the Chess

Song for New Zealand


This new release in 2017 is another collaboration between Martin Curtis and Graham Wardrop and is an album of almost entirely new material of songs about New Zealand and beyond. It was begun as long ago as 2010, so has been 7 years in production – due to some extent by the Christchurch earthquake destroying Graham Wardrop’s recording studio. We think it has been worth waiting for. It features 8 more of Martin’s original songs, including serious warnings about the decline of the kea and kiwi populations, a song about his beloved Himalayan country of Bhutan and closing with his “Song for New Zealand” which has already drawn favourable comments from those who have heard it. In addition it also includes a beautiful unrecorded song from the late Marcus Turner, Bob Bickerton’s tongue in cheek “The Close Shave” (made famous throughout the folk music world by Irish legend Andy Irvine) and a haunting instrumental “The Hills of New Zealand” composed by Joanie Madden of the USA based Celtic supergroup Cherish the Ladies.








Jack’s Song

One Up Two Down

The Tarras Funeral

Holy Smoke

The Old Hearth Wall

The Ghosts of the Gorge

The Plight of the Kea

A Tale of Two Keas

Sir Ed




McDougal Topped the Score

The Cry of the Kaka

Yellow and Blue


Burning Rain

As Long as we Beat Australia

The Daisy Patch

The Ghosts of Okarito

The Old Songwriting Blues

Gin & Raspberry

Released in 2013, this album was recorded at a live concert in Canterbury in August 2013 and features Martin Curtis at his best, live in front of an enthusiastic audience. The concert was so successful that it couldn’t be edited down to a single CD, so this is a double album! It features many original songs, several humorous poems, lots of the inter-song patter, and includes 6 tracks where Martin is joined by close friend and internationally renowned NZ guitarist Graham Wardrop.


"SEA TO SUMMIT" - GRCD 027 (CD only)

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Master of the Crew (listen to sample)

The Stars of Cardrona

Sir Ed (listen to sample)

Ghosts of Okarito

Just Another Summit

Into Thin Air

As Long As We Beat Australia (listen to sample)

The Ballad of Lawrence Frayne

Let The Waitaki Run Free

Black Matai


The Ashes of Time (listen to sample)

Just One More Chorus

This album of almost entirely new material was released in June 2008, and was five years in production.  It features seven of Martin’s original songs, including his tribute to Sir Edmund Hillary (Sir Ed), a song about his ancestor John Fryer who was ship’s master of the ill-fated “Bounty” and compositions about Okarito on the West Coast, Norfolk Island, and the endangered Takahe. It also includes his protest at the destruction of our braided rivers for power generation. This time Martin has also drawn on excellent material from other songwriters, including Paul Bond’s anthem “As Long as we beat Australia” and Peter Cape’s classic “Black Matai.” The album has been superbly engineered on digital equipment by guitarist Graham Wardrop, who also plays on several tracks. A nominated finalist for a Tui award as “Folk Album of the year 2008”.



Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: climbersmoon

A Climber’s Moon (listen to sample)

The Last Munro

Cardrona River

Land of Ice and Fire (listen to sample)

The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

Squadron 104

The Demon’s Mask (listen to sample)

A Street in Kathmandu

Farewell to Namche Bazar

Avon Farewell

The Motorway Swagman

This England

Home From Home (listen to sample)

A collection of songs about Martin's love of mountaineering and travel, it covers places as diverse as New Zealand, Tibet, Iceland, Scotland, Wales, England and Nepal. An interesting and heartening feature is that everyone seems to have different favourites on the album, but the title track, "A Climber's Moon", written about Martin's passion for climbing in the Southern Alps is attracting particular interest from audiences at concerts, regardless of whether or not they are mountaineers themselves. All the material is original with the exception of Eric Bogle's classic song about the Anzacs at Gallipoli. Recorded by and with Christchurch guitar virtuoso Graham Wardrop, with guest appearances by Bob Fox (UK) and Brian Maguire (NZ).



Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: highcountry

Gin & Raspberry (listen to sample)

The Old Hearth Wall

The Cry of the Kaka

Cardrona Spring (listen to sample)

One Up Two Down / The Mouse in the Oven

Sarah McPhee

The Daisy Patch (listen to sample)

Back from the Hills

Jack's Song

The Last of the Oldtimers

The Tarras Funeral

Stop the River (listen to sample)

The End of the Rainbow

Farewell to the Gold

Otago My Home (listen to sample)

This compilation album was produced to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Otago, and was the first time any of the popular material from Martin’s first three albums was available on CD. It includes Martin’s own “Gin & Raspberry” which has become a folk standard around the world, his tribute to the New Zealanders at Gallipoli (“The Daisy Patch”) and the song "Otago My Home" written especially for the celebrations in 1998. A tremendous collection of music about New Zealand, from the early days of the goldminers to the issues of today, it has proved extremely successful since its release. Digitally remastered by Geoff Cavender Studios in Christchurch.


"SAVE THE WILDERNESS" - GRCD 021 / GRTC 021 (CD and Cassette)

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: wilderness


Silent Forest

Tale of Two Keas (listen to sample)

Shining River (listen to sample)

Burning Rain (listen to sample)

Flatulence Calypso

Ghosts of the Gorge

Davy Lowston

Song of the Whale (listen to sample)

Hoiho (listen to sample)

Turn the Toxic Tide

Yellow and Blue (listen to sample)

Kaherehere / Rainforest

Wilderness (listen to sample)

This theme album mirrors Martin's interest and concern for the unique wildlife, bush, mountains and shoreline of New Zealand, and has been welcomed by organisations such as Forest and Bird, WWF and the Department of Conservation, who are stocking it in some of their National Park Field Centres. Many of the songs were written by Martin whilst out in the bush, and the album also includes three great songs by long time friend Eric Bogle, one of the world’s most acclaimed contemporary songwriters. All the items are new recordings and feature some more contemporary arrangements, with superb guitar work from Graham Wardrop and a folk rock sound on several tracks. Of Martin's own material, the song "Yellow and Blue" about the saving of the Chatham Island Black Robin, has created particular interest among the listening public, whilst the humorous poem about two keas on a hut roof is a great favourite on National Radio.


"LET'S SING A KIWI SONG" - GRCD 024 / GRTC 024 (CD and Cassette)

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Kiwisong cover

Sing a Kiwi Song

First to this Land

Gin & Raspberry

Weta Song


Tale of Two Keas


Ping Pong Song

Yellow and Blue

Phurba Sherpa

New Zealand my Home (Otago my Home)

Although initially produced as a resource kit for teachers, this album has surprised us in that several record shops are now stocking it in their children's section, as Mums, Dads, Grannies and Grandads are buying it as gifts. It was recorded live with children from schools in Blenheim and Wanaka, and presents the "serious" songs in a way that makes them popular with younger children. It also includes a few fun songs with a kiwi flavour. A Kiwi album for Kiwi kids - of all ages! Available with or without an accompanying songbook. (Further information can be found under Schools).


"OFF TO THE DRY CARDRONA" - GRCD 022 / GRTC 022 (CD and Cassette)

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Dry Cardrona cover

By the Dry Cardrona

Gin & Raspberry (listen to sample)

The Hills of Cardrona

Jacks Song

McDougall Topped the Score

Cardrona Spring (listen to sample)

The Old Hearth Wall

Bill Charlie's Secret

Said Hanrahan

Farewell to the Gold

Sarah McPhee

One Up Two Down / The Mouse in the Oven

Ghosts of the Gorge

This compilation album was put together to commemorate the 1996 Otago Goldfields Heritage Cavalcade coming to the settlement of Cardrona as the host town, and is proving popular with tourists to the region. This collection brings together all of the songs and stories of the Cardrona and Upper Clutha areas, from the early days of the Goldrush right through to the flooding of the Cromwell Gorge - a unique musical souvenir of the magical dry heart of New Zealand’s South Island.



The Cry of the Kaka

Land of Ice and Fire (listen to sample)

One Up Two Down / The Mouse in the Oven

Avon Farewell

The Daisy Patch (listen to sample)

Burning Rain (listen to sample)

The Last of the Old Timers

The Tarras Funeral

The End of the Rainbow

Home From Home

This is the first time this 1990 album has been available on CD. All of the songs have since been included on other albums released by Martin, with some of them being re-mixed or re-recorded. However this album features the original recordings of these 10 songs, all of which were written by Martin, and which was a finalist in the “Folk Album of the Year” category of the New Zealand Music Awards.  This was the first time Martin had worked with New Zealand’s stella guitarist Graham Wardrop, a partnership which has now lasted 25 years and 5 further albums. The album also includes stunning accompaniment by multi-instrumentalist Davy Stuart and superb vocals by singer Denny Stanway. The song The Daisy Patch was inspired by the writings of author Maurice Shadbolt in his book “Voices of Gallipoli” and we thought it appropriate that it should be re-released in the year of the centenary of the landings on the Turkish peninsula in 1915.


"GIN & RASPBERRY" – GRCD 004 / GRTC 004 (CD and Vinyl)


Gin & Raspberry (listen to sample)

Now I'm Easy

Said Hanrahan

The Old Hearth Wall

Song of the Whale (listen to sample)

Stop the River (listen to sample)

Farewell to the Gold

Talking Dog

Jack's Song

By the Dry Cardrona

The Swagman / Dennis Murphy's Polka / John Ryan's Polka

Martin’s first album, recorded with the help of musicians Paul Hutchins and Eric McEachen, has become a classic in New Zealand folk music, and is reputedly still the country's top selling folk album. It contains several songs about the Otago goldfields and life in Central Otago, and includes Martin's own "Gin & Raspberry", which has now been recorded by musicians in Australia, USA, Canada and Britain. Also includes material by James K. Baxter, Paul Metsers, and two Eric Bogle classics. Available on CD (digitally remastered in 2013), and Vinyl.

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